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Help build bridges between rural & urban communities around climate change.

In a time of unprecedented cultural divide, and increasing politicization of climate change, it's time to take action to help find common ground and mitigate the impacts of changing landscapes on our vital rural lands.

Our film is about coming together and finding solutions. Speak up and
advocate for change with others. Reach out to a friend, family member, colleague, or
neighbor, and start a conversation about the importance of renewable energy and climate
solutions in your area.
In towns and counties across the country, there are groups just
like Lake County Resources Initiative and Wallowa Resources, or local chapters of national
organizations, that rely on the support of people who believe in their work. Donating
resources or volunteering your time can go a long way.
Sign up to host your own screening of the film. Pair the
screening with a workshop, a panel or Q&A, or fundraiser in support of your own mission or
call to action.

Are there opportunities to reduce your electric bill through residential solar or micro-hydro?
Could your community benefit from a county wide renewables strategy like Lake and
Sherman Counties have done? Here are some resources to help explore your options.

Do you have a tip or resource you’d like to share? Let us know at:


“This film was a beautiful reminder that climate change does not have to divide us. When we understand and respect our differences, we can find solutions that change both lives and the planet for the better. It is really inspiring to see the positive effect renewable energy can have on rural communities.”

- Audience Member, Environmental Defense Fund Screening

“The film was incredibly effective at dismantling outdated ideas that renewable energy is costly and a burden to our communities when in fact these commercial and utility-scale projects provide great benefits and economic stimulus to the areas.”

- Screening Host, 350 New Mexico

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